FLAG Operation

FLAG Operation


The AEFF Project Assessment Committee (PAC) was a sub group of the FLAG which considered applications in full, scoring them against a set of criteria selected by the FLAG. The AEFF PAC made recommendations on applications to the FLAG, which then made the final decision.


The voting procedure complied with the guidelines laid down by the European Commission and the Scottish Government.


Where a FLAG member had a registered interest in a project for discussion, the member declared this interest prior to the discussion of the project at the meeting and had no part in the decision making process. A Declaration of Interests (DOI) Register was maintained by AEFF staff. DOI were regular agenda items and all DOIs were minuted.


The FLAG reviewed and publicised the progress of the AEFF Programme through provision of an Annual Report, regular press releases and updates of the AEFF website.


More information can be accessed here: AEFF Terms of Reference