Aberdeenshire European Fisheries Fund (AEFF) was an innovative area-based programme that supports sustainable development in Aberdeenshire’s fisheries areas from 2012 to 2015.


AEFF was funded by the European Fisheries Fund Axis 4.


The fund aimed to enable fisheries communities to create new and sustainable sources of income aiming to:


  • Build knowledge and skills
  • Promote innovation and co-operation


Funds were not available to support any increase in catching effort.


The AEFF programme was delivered by the Aberdeenshire FLAG partnership. Fisheries industry, public, private and voluntary sector organisations were represented on the FLAG whose members assessed and approved applications.


AEFF Strategy


The overarching themes of the AEFF Strategy were:


  • To promote and develop sustainable communities
  • To increase capacity of local fisheries communities


Measures eligible for funding included:


  • Maintaining the economic and social prosperity of fisheries areas
  • Adding value to fisheries products
  • Maintaining and developing jobs in fisheries areas through diversification
  • Promoting the quality of the coastal environment
  • Promoting national and transnational co-operation between fisheries areas